Deborah L. Testimony

I first applied for RBI in 2009. I was accepted however it was not yet God’s timing. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to attend school.

Two years later I am a student of RBI. I consider it a privilege to be a student during this Historic time of the Great Awakening that is taking place.

God is doing a deep work in my heart. The Fire of God is destroying yokes of bondage off my life. I feel lighter and freer.

God has given me more boldness to be a witness for Him and is using me to lead people to Jesus.

God is providing for me. He has blessed me with a laptop, clothes, and $120.00 from

unexpected sources. This has increased my faith.

God is giving me a deeper passion for those who need Jesus and is helping me see other people and myself through His eyes.

God has blessed me with peace, joy, and inner healing.

Every time I get prayed for the fire and touch of God gets stronger and is more intense. One night after getting prayed for I got up off the floor and had to be helped to the car. When I arrived home I had to be helped to my apartment because I could hardly walk I was so intoxicated on new wine. To the natural eye it would have appeared I was drunk on alcohol.

I could not speak in English I could only speak in tongues. I spoke in tongues all night until I fell asleep.

Since being here I feel like I am doing something worthwhile with my life and making an Eternal difference.

I am growing up spiritually. God is restoring me.

Now I know why RBI in 2009 was not in God’s timing…..Deborah L.

Nicole Testimony

Someone recently said this statement: “It’s one thing to get touched, it’s another thing to be changed.” This one statement was like a smack in the face to me. It is so true!! You can get touched and touched and touched by the fire of God time and time again but if you never allow that fire to change you, you will never get anywhere! The fire of God is there to burn out the things inside of you that are unnecessary and then to refine you! There is always room for improvement because no one is perfect! So if you allow the presence of Jesus to touch you and then allow the fire to change you, you will begin to grow so much!! Sometimes people come to a service and get touched by the presence of God, and they may really need it, but then they will get back up and go to their seats the same way they walked in. That solves nothing. God is trying to show us different things while He is touching us and sometimes He himself is doing the work that we cannot do. Pastor Rodney always says that we are on the operating table when we are out under the power of God. I totally agree with that because God has done many a work in me while I have been getting touched by Him. Sometimes He is burning nations in my heart to where I can literally see the people’s faces in my mind; people from America and all over the world. We just have to get hungry to be changed by God and then ALLOW Him to do the changing necessary and listen to the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit when we have to make adjustments in our lives!       –Nicole


Michael Testimony

These past two weeks of Internship have shed light onto the importance of working together as a body. One man can accomplish much on his own. But what it took to get there is an internally different story. Along the way many have left their mark in the foundation of that one man’s accomplishment.

Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:31, Luke 9:11-17, John 6:1-13. These scriptures are perfect examples of one man’s accomplishment, as well as many men coming together, lifting up the hands of one to accomplish His goal. Jesus feeding the 5,000+ was a remarkable feat, especially in that time period.

As the bread and fish were presented to Him, Jesus lifted it up to heaven, blessed it and shared His goal with His disciples. At first, it didn’t seem possible. At first it seemed crazy. But because they believed in Him and His goal, they set out to accomplish it. So, as they walked among the 5,000+, they distributed the bread and the fish. In the end, they had more than enough.

Just as the disciples worked to accomplish Jesus’ goal, we, the body Christ must do the same. A simple task has been sent before us. Go, and preach the gospel to every living creature. As Pastor Rodney and Adonica continue the goal to spread the gospel around America, we here at home are to lift up their hands, and be their voice in Tampa, FL.

From the outreach department, to the helps ministry here at The River, we are all doing our part as the body of Christ to see this goal accomplished. For another Great Awakening tour here in America, to see this great land come back to its first and only love; Jesus!


Rachel Testimony

During the week of Next Level 2012 Summer Camp my life was completely changed. As I poured out and helped others to grow in their relationship with God, I did not realize that the students were doing the same for me. I learned so much this week about being a leader and being lead by the Holy Ghost. I really felt like I finally stepped into the spiritual leadership ability God has for me. This week has changed my heart in so many ways. The love that I have for the students placed under me has grown immensely, causing my love for youth in general to increase. I had not even realized how much God had done in me this past week until I began to speak with people about camp. As I spoke about the students that I did our small group devotionals with each morning, and about each time I had the opportunity to lay hands on a student I began realizing just how great of a work God did in me. While I was talking about the week, vision for my future just began pouring out of my spirit. This week, I have stopped comparing myself to other leaders and I have learned that everyone is at a different level, it is just a matter of if they are willing to strive to reach the next level, and the next level…and so on. Each time in staff prayer that I prayed for our summer camp, I prayed that the students would “remember this week as the week that completely changed their life”. Little did I know, it would be the same for me.


Judy Testimony

When I came to Christ at 32 years of age I had no Bible background, had never owned a Bible or read one. Immediately I had an incredible hunger for The Word of God! I was amazed at what I was reading …a whole new world had opened up to me and I was seeing God totally different than what I had believed all my life.  I had had a totally distorted view of God….to me He was distant, angry, sadistic just waiting for me to make a mistake so He could punish me. As I read The Word of God I asked The Holy Spirit to help me to change the picture I had of God. I couldn’t even pray to The Father or say His Name.  As The Holy Spirit taught me and led me in reading The Word,  hearing The Word thru teaching and preaching of The Word, deep, deep healing began to take place in my heart. Walls came down and I experienced restoration in  my soul. My entire picture of God began to change.  I remember how shocked I was to read Psalm 103:8 “The LORD is MERCIFUL and GRACIOUS, SLOW TO ANGER and PLENTEOUS in MERCY”. The more the Word was sown in my heart the more I was free to receive The Father’s Love to love God and then love others! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Keriann Testimony

After watching the Great Awaking last year, my mom heard about the scholarship give away

to come to RBI in August 2011-2012. I prayed and asked the Lord about it and I heard his voice saying I want you to go RBI.  I called the prayer line for an application. After a few weeks, on July 22, 2001, I got a message on my cell; I just wanted to congratulate you on your scholarship.

God has been so good! I had no ride to get back and forth to school.  I had been praying and trusting him and going to prayer on Tuesdays. On July 26, 2011 when we finished praying, my case manager said that she would take me three days a week starting August 22. My mom and she agreed. Several weeks went by. On September 26, God provided a stable ride to get to school.

Through the Great Awaking I learned how to come back to my first love and let him change my heart, grow in my faith and discover the purpose why God has me on earth.  He brought me from not knowing my purpose to showing what my purpose is.  Now he is using me in so many ways I could never imagine.

Daniel Testimony

Praise God forever more. It is an honor to share my testimony with the people because God is good and his mercy endures forever. I’m a second year student, I’m from Brazil. I like to say that God continues to do his work inside of me. I went through difficult times, I went through storms of life, but His mercy is sufficient. I began to dig deep into the word of God, I began to search for scriptures and pray, I asked God in the name of Jesus Christ for help.

And the Holy Spirit began to move against the enemy. The River Church at Tampa Bay; the staff, Pastors and teachers have made such an impact in my life. I can tell you right now that this ministry encouraged me to change. And there has been change since I got here. I’m on the fire, I’m a soul winner, I am a minister of the gospel on the streets because of this ministry. I am so glad to be here, I’m so glad and happy to be around this ministry. I thank Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and Adonica and all the Pastors from this church.

Jonathan Testimony

Over the past year as an intern here at the River Bible Institute, God has accomplished several things in and through my life. He has helped me to overcome some of my weaknesses and fears, He has helped me to be a better steward of the things He places in my hands, He has made me a better person, and He has given me a greater desire to reach the lost. As an intern, I was put in a position where I had to communicate with others in order to make it. If I did a poor job of communicating and if I did not do a good job at letting people know what I was doing and what needed to be done, there would be a lot of mistakes and shortcomings. The Lord has really helped me to open up more and share more with others about what I think and how I feel about things. Growing up, I was quiet and I kept to myself for the most part and I know part of it was pride.


Jonathan Testimony

However the Lord has really done a deep work in me and has helped me to get over myself. The Lord has also taught me to be more proactive and to think ahead rather than always waiting on other people to tell me what to do because that was really the only type of work I had done before working in this ministry. The Lord has also taught me to be a better steward of my time and to manage my time more carefully. Probably the greatest thing the Lord has been stirring in me is to have a greater passion for the lost. I had a passion for the lost even before I came here to RBI, however being here just caused me to receive even a greater passion for souls and the harvest. I can hardly go anywhere without telling someone about Jesus and I love it. Really the only reason for us even being on the earth is to win others to Jesus because 100 years from now, that’s the only thing that will matter.


Rachel P. Testimony

I came to The River in 2005 with my mother and father. My dad attended The River Bible Institute for first year in 2006. I was always one of those people who said, “I will never, ever go to The River Bible Institute.” But, God had different plans. In the summer, before my first year I finally decided to move full speed ahead towards the things of God. I was sitting in my seat at the last night of Igniting a Generation when Pastor Todd started a River Bible Institute and River School of Worship alter call. I sat in my seat, and when it came time for people to go to the alter; I realized my heart was beating fast. I thought “no way, not me!”, but I knew I should be up there.

I fought it for a good five minutes, and Pastor Todd kept the alter call open for a while. I finally decided to just go up, and I lifted off of my chair, and sat back down… twice. I did not want to come. But, little did I know that it was going to have such an incredibly positive impact on my life. Finally, I got up and actually went up to the alter call. The moment I got to the front I began to cry uncontrollably.

I got an application, and didn’t apply for a long time. I actually changed my mind about going a couple weeks later. I was sure I was not going to go. But, then the day that Momentum got back from camp, right when we got off the bus Rom Dacosta pushed me up to Pastor Todd and told him I am coming to school. It became official; I am just going to go…..