God Shapes Our Lives

rodney howard browne shows us God's beauty

In today’s passage, God teaches us about His relationship with His kids. He asserts that He is going to deal with us as a potter works along side us and we, like the clay, are in His hands. ( Jeremiah 18:6 ) God is molding each one of us into the picture of His Son Jesus.

Second, he is shaping us for a particular purpose, one that is individually designed and brings about our utility in building His dominion. Our part as clay is to submit ourselves to His purpose. As the potter, He may take away something from our life – like removing mounds from clay – or He may speed up the pace until we feel as if we are spinning. Or, wanting a new shape for His “vessels,” he would dramatically rework our pattern of living to start us in a new direction.

Our responsibility is to accept any changes from the Master Potter. We can do this confidently as we are in God’s hands.

Scripture describes them as creative hands whose efforts is displayed in nature, hands filled with righteousness, hands that give life and take it away, mighty and strong hands that saved Israel from Egypt and us from slavery to sin. Hands that protect us, hands that were pierced so we’d be made new. So when we think about being clay in God’s hands and about how God deals with us, we will be able to relax knowing “in His hands” is precisely the place we wish to be.