New Video and Testimony

The really short version: I was out doing business as a business owner should. I stopped in a coffee shop and had a conversation with a wonderful charismatic young girl working there – probably in her 20’s. We had the place to ourselves and before I left I KNEW I had to do the script with her. I was shaking in my legs, and I was nervous, so I prayed to the Holy Spirit to help me. Then I approached her, read the script and led her to say the prayer and she got teary too. I gave her my name, number and church to attend. I know I will see her again in town too. Now it is up to the Holy Spirit! I have never done this before (shy). God is telling me NOW is the time. Every where I turn God is telling me to win souls.

Barbara T
Lawrenceville Georgia United States

New Video and Testimony

Toshi is 89 years old she is a Jehovah Witness. We asked if she knew she was going to Heaven. She said she didn’t know. Autumn helped with the quick prayer and I prayed the prayer for her to receive the gift that God has for her. Say with your heart and lips out loud. She did. Thank you Jesus! Both rededicated to the Lord, Son Norman and Wife. Daughter Anita called on the phone from Arizona on update on heart surgery for grandson Makana. He’s better; he’s healed. My son called while we were on the mission soul-winning. I asked them one at a time if they knew they were going to Heaven–didn’t know. We got a chance to say the soul-winning prayer with daughter first. She started to cry towards the end of the prayer. Then my son did. The same thing happened. We prayed and he was all quiet and I said “Continue with, always remember to run to God and not from God because He loves you and has a great plan for your life. Thank you Jesus! 🙂

Priscilla A
Hawaii United States

New Video and Testimony

God is killing timidity. Seventeen people were at the park near the harbor. Three were in a car smoking pot. Four women were tourists in the car beside me. I was going to my car to leave and thought is was possibly a divine set-up. One lady said something to me that broke the ice, so I shared and prayed with all four. She said to pray for her son with a brain problem, which I did just before I led them all to receive Jesus–they all cried and she asked my name so she could tell her son. He was praying for her. I told them I too got saved as a tourist visiting Oahu.

Katalika K
California United States

New Video and Testimony

I’ve read this card to one of my close friends and she took it seriously. It went well and she had Christ in her life. I could tell by her smile and expressions. This made me bold and I’m ready to win more souls.

Dawnie P
Kauai Hawaii United States

See the Power of Jesus to Save Lives

I went out soul-winning today. It was my first time and an awesome experience. I led 6 people to the Lord, prayed for 2, and in all talked to 14 people. I believe it is going to get better as time goes on. I love it. Glory to God. I led two of my uncles to the Lord at the beach. A lady at the bus stop got saved, touched by the Lord, and I prayed for her healing.

Bryson G
Not known Hawaii United States

New Video and Testimony

I went to the mall and spoke w/3people who prayed. Then I walked to Burger King and prayed with 7 more guys. Tonight was my very first might soul winning and I prayed with a total of 10 people!

Koni C
Kauai Hawaii United States