New Video and Testimony

I started watching your live service on Oct 13 6pm and Mac Hammond answered some questions I had for a long while in his sermon, then on thurs I watched Fire of God series I watched mon,tues,wed,thurs all at once, and each time the event was over Pastor Rodney would pray for people who were watching, so I just kept watching and getting prayed for at the end of each service’s have a had a deep depression and was very sad which I was use too and just lived with it. I have decided this past week to make this my home church and watch every week and you know my friend said to me there was a darkness over you it is now gone that was just after sun service. Now I am starting to feel joy in my heart, every time Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne prayed I cried and cried all that sadness away. I still feel sad but it’s a little sadness now, not a big sadness’ know have hope. I believe it’s going to all go away and I am going to keep watching and praying. And things will just get better and better. Thank you for having this internet thing I am is happy for this, it saved my life. You have no idea such a blessing. Amen Charlene Arnault

charlene a
saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

Jesus Saves

I was watching your program when you were in St. Louis MO, and WOW, the power of God was in that place. I was just speaking to my wife and our best friend of how on the TV you don’t have too many powerful, anointed Men and Women of God. We have been pacified by good messages and “pick your chin up” proclamations, but no Signs, Miracles and Wonders. Then I walk into my bedroom and turn on the GOD network and you are saying exactly what we were just talking about. May God continue to Bless you Both, for gone is the day of lukewarm messages, we need TRUE anointed people on TV to destroy the yokes. God Bless you. Elder Edmond J. Bergeron

Edmond B
Pace Florida United States

New Video and Testimony

On Tuesday October 16, 2007 My wife and I were preparing for our move down to Tampa. I was picking up a small bag of recycle paper and my back went out. On Wednesday I called the river for Prayer knowing my God will not and can not fail me. Later that day I called again wanting to talk to Pastor Eric. I was so blessed to be able to talk to pastor Allen instead. Talking to pastor Allen was unlike anything I had experienced before. It was as though I had known him my whole life and he was my best friend, he was such an encouragement to me. God is so Good. I cannot say it enough… I love you Guys so much. Pastor Allen prayed with me again and Since all of your prayers My back has gotten better Faster and faster each day. The last time this happened it took approximately two weeks before I could walk somewhat normal. This time PRAISE GOD I am walking almost normal within days. I KNOW MY GOD CANNOT FAIL ME..MY GOD WILL NOT FAIL ME no matter what the circumstances are surrounding me. We are still planning on moving to Tampa our goal is to leave by the twenty second of October. We love you all God is so GOOD Bob Kidder

Bob K
Battle Creek Michigan United States

New Video and Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee
I am a Nigerian presently on short (5 weeks)training in Mumbai, India. I watched the Great Awakening on the 21st or 22nd (not so sure now)on GOD TV. I was really touched by your teaching and emphasis on the fire of the Holy Ghost. I checked your site for the Soul Winning Script and read it. I was actually running out of the tracts I brought from Nigeria and so the script was a great relief. I actually used the principle of the script in my class today. Having sought the consent of the instructor that I wanted to address the class of 9 (including the instructor). I stood right in front and played the worked out the script. Even though I could not get to them individually. I made it very clear that God has made a way of escape from the sin and its consequence and that Jesus Christ is the way. Because of the limited time, I ended the session praying for them and asked that anyone of them should feel free to approach me if they have further question. I feel relieved so far, I am still praying that God will water the seed. Thank you for the Great Awakening Tour, may God continue to bless his servant and His church. Kind Regards Olaniyi

Olaniyi K
Lagos Nigeria

New Video and Testimony

I am currently on staff at Abba’s House and also a single mom. It seems that I have been under a financial curse lately and also with my health. During the meeting Tuesday night Pastor Ron Phillips got up and said that if we would plant a seed that God would break financial curses and depression off the seed bearer. My spirit heard that and the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about sowing a seed. I told God that there was no way I could do that because I just couldn’t afford it. My truck was tore up and I just couldn’t give $100. The Lord simply said, just trust me. I told the Lord, I will give it tomorrow and He said the anointing is for now. So I went back to my office and started writing the check for the amount God had given for me to give. I came back out to the Auditorium and the young ladies were singing so I was just going to put the money in one of the buckets. The Holy Spirit said, no, lay it on the altar so I did. The moment I laid my seed on the altar I felt the power of God come over me like never before. The Holy Spirit began speaking through me to my seed, prophesying over it. The devil started saying to me, you stupid idiot, that was your truck money. Well, this morning I found out that God has provided the part I needed for my truck labor included! This instance has helped me to see that God just wants me to trust Him. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to sow into your ministry! God Bless Mary Beth Barnes Worship Admin Asst. Abba’s House

Mary Beth B
Hixson Tennessee United States