Howard F. Testimony

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I was recently able to witness to a man who was already saved. However, he told me that the night before he had been smoking and drinking with some of his old friends from before he was saved. He said he needed prayer because he had to give a presentation in two hours and he said he still felt intoxicated. I was able to pray for him that the Lord would give him a sound mind and be perfectly coherent.

After I prayed, I asked him and he said he was better and had a clear mind! He was able to think clearer and I could tell by looking at him that his demeanor had definitely changed! I was also able to share with him about the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit wanted to come and change him and help him in everything. He was from a church that believed the Holy Spirit is not available to believers anymore.

As I was sharing with with this man, I was telling the man scripture upon scripture of how the Holy Spirit was for all believers and for us today. He did not receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit but I was able to point him to the Word and answer some of his questions and plant the seed into his heart for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. After I was done sharing with him, the man said that I was sent from the Lord to talk to him. He had really needed the prayer and encouragement, and I was glad to have been able to minister to him.

As I walked away from the man, I was amazed at at all the scripture that had come out of my spirit! I did not even realize how much of the Word has been implanted on the inside of me! The only way to find out is to pour out into others!

Matters of the Heart | Richard Bannister Testimony

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Bob and I were sitting in the church van number two (on stand by), ready to rush off and pick up the crowds that could not fit on the chartered tour buses. There was excitement in the air as the huge tour busses continued to turn into the vast palm tree lined parking lot at the River. Our excitement increased with each bus, bus after bus, one purple, some white or bright yellow came into view from the city’s interstate highways.

As the buses rolled up to the front entrance, the passengers with many excited children, hurried up the walkways to the draped cloth covered tables under the awing. An excited greeting party waited to enroll the first time visitors and present them with a gift from Pastors Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne on this special Spanish Outreach Sunday. There was an air of expectation from all the students of River Bible Institute who had labored with all of the staff, during the hectic and rewarding previous weeks of preparations.

In the spacious newly renovated lobby the large screens flashed out the sights and sounds of the worship team on stage in the sanctuary. Original pieces of art work by the hand of Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne were on display throughout the lobby as well as a plethora of his encased works of teachings on CD’s and DVD’s and books.

The smell of Starbucks coffee emanated from the River’s Café Organic, as the excited masses viewed the array of bicycles to be given away to the children today. Many greeters welcomed the arrival of the first time visitors, the faithful, and the many streaming in from a packed parking lot with vehicles that had license plates from New York, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, and many other states. The abundant flags of all of our proud states of America mixed with most of the world’s flags waved in the slight breeze from the light polls, on this sun basked warm winter morning, here at the River.

The west parking lot and south parking lots were alive with activity as the huge busses were being filled with hundreds of boxes of food that were being loaded by the green fork lift and numerous volunteers, volunteers, volunteers everywhere with their orange vests, sorting gifts, directing traffic, and even selling hot dogs and sodas to the sound originating from the local Spanish Radio Station’s sound truck.

The parking lots were lined with yards of red and yellow ribbons to section off areas for the food distribution and hundreds and hundreds of gifts to be given to the children after the Big Event which climaxed with an altar call of hundreds. Yes, hundreds stood, many weeping, with the acceptance of the Lord Jesus into their hearts. Yes, the hand of God is here, the movement of the Holy Spirit has a free reign here at the River; and that is the most exciting feeling, expectation, exposure, we can ever have: the move of God that we have come accustomed to here at the River. It is always exciting here at the River! As we follow our leaders in reaching the Harvest in the United States of America.

Matters of the Heart | Teresa Tymes Testimony

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The one thing I learned most of the teaching is that everything, no matter how big or small comes down to the heart. That my heart and the attitude of it is what matters most. I can do something but with the wrong motives and it not be a blessing to those around me.

It really showed me that I needed to look at myself before looking to judge others. I really had to step back and look at how I was treating people, and get my heart right. I admit that I was sitting in class like Oh! So in so, really needs to be hearing this. And the Holy Spirit totally rebuked me and said that you need to be listening for you. It smacked me hard but, I listened and took everything in. And I realize that I would have to give an account for everything I have ever done or said. That has really helped me in that I stop and think before I do or say something. That I will have to explain this to Jesus, and I could just imagine the look on His face., one of disappointment .You are one of my followers but you acted like the world and towards your brothers and sisters. And I want to do all I can to not have that look towards me.

In the readings we have been doing I really looked at Saul’s heart and how before God allowed him to be king God gave him a new heart. It showed me that when God calls you to a new thing He will give you the heart for it, but we must stay obedient to Him or our hearts will harden like Saul’s. By looking to David’s heart I see that he didn’t always do things the right way but he always had a pure heart towards God and was quick to obey. I have read the stories of Saul and David but I never looked at their hearts and heart attitude, it’s like a whole new story since Matters of the Heart class. It’s that I have a new way of thinking and its by putting my heart in line with God.

Matters of the Heart

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What I have learned from this class is how the heart and mind operates and work together. Also I have learned how they can work against each other. When a decision or thought comes at you it enters you emotion part of your brain. Right there, says that you should not make a decision in an emotional state because it is responding off of memories and just fleshly emotion. All what goes through the brain goes through the free will part. There we have the decision what to do with the information. Here is where we can choose to throw out thoughts that are not lining up with the Word. All the thoughts go through a mini brain in our heart. This is where God speaks to us. It’s where His peace is. If our hearts aren’t filled with the Word of God then when thoughts come from the enemy we may not tell whether they line up with the Word. When we feed ourselves things of the world such as in movies, music, friend’s conversations, and our own raging thought life sparked by the enemy but stirred by us we are feeding our flesh and mind and allowing it to dominate over our hearts which is where God will lead us and guide us. When the mind is fed more and is stronger because we allow it, then things like stress, depression, fear, and anger start to dominate us. Then we can’t make a decision and can’t hear God’s voice that is speaking in our hearts. We only know how to respond to the emotion part of our brain and when it gets to the free will part it isn’t hearing the Word of God so we either don’t know what decision to make or make a wrong decision because we aren’t following the heart. It’s so important to feed our heart the Word of God and to follow the heart which hears God’s precious voice. When we hear our hearts instead of our mind and emotion then we will be full of God’s peace and be led in His perfect Will.

Winter Camp Meeting | Lloyd Miracle Testimony

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This past January was winter camp meeting, also marking the thirtieth year of ministry for Dr. Rodney and Adonica Howard Browne. This camp meeting was amazing. The meeting were held at two and seven p.m. This alone in itself made a difference because I know in the past when we have had late meetings at night , sometimes the next morning meeting would be hard to go through. With the new times it allowed some extra rest time. Also different this year was the onsite catering. I fell was a plus to my camp meeting experience. Instead of having to hope in the car and drive somewhere to get a bite then rush back in traffic, we were able to enjoy a cooked meal in a tent set up in the parking lot. This allowed you to relax and actually get some good fellowship time in with other people. The main events were the meetings. Each meeting was powerful and life changing. For me the main area that was revealed to me was reaping and sowing. I learned more on the promises of God and how everything we do in the name in of lord there is a reward for. That every seed we plant in the name of the lord we will reap good fruit. That if we want to reap great we must be willing to sow greatly as well. The second most important point that I witnessed was healings. Persons after person was lined up for prayer with Ted Shuttlesworth. So many people were healed of deaf ears . One particular person had suffered from a thyroid complication and after receiving prayer , he said he could feel and new one being grown with in him. Hearing testimonies like this are life changing. They renew and strengthen faith. Once again another camp meeting that was filled with the glory and presence of God.