Mary F. Testimony

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Soul winning for The River Bible Institute has been a weekly event that has allowed me to lead people to Jesus Christ on the streets, in the malls, and the housing projects. Many times it’s like getting born again all over again when they say the prayer with you and you feel the same exhilaration, gratitude, and love.

Children have a special place in my heart and to see those, with innocent, child like faith, receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior is like having your first born baby. The delivery went smoothly, everything was normal, and you just had a wonderful feeling that all is well.

The Love of God is the thing that impacted me the most when I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5:5) To see others experiencing that Love for the first time or the rekindling of it for those who have backslidden brings a “joy that is unspeakable and full of glory.” (1 Peter 1:8) There’s almost a look of unbelief on some of the faces. For others you see a hopeful gleam in their eyes that maybe this is real. Then there are some that have such light and joy on their faces as they encounter the very presence of God in such a tangible way, you can see an immediate effect. From darkness to light they are born again and translated into God’s Kingdom.

One of the most exciting things is training up people who have never won anyone to the Lord, to go out and see them win their first soul to Jesus. From then on, they are on fire about sharing the unconditional Love of God to a hurting world. They step out in fear and trembling, maybe stumbling over the words at first, mustering up the belief that this is going to work. When they see how easy it is and that the person repeating the prayer is very grateful afterwards; it makes them want to make up for lost time as they zealously approach the next person.

Maria H. Testimony

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During the Bible School Year Soul Winning can be described as one of the most unique and diverse experiences I had in my journey as a servant of God.

As a servant of the Lord I need to represent His Holy Kingdom in every action, and every step I make toward others, therefore as a Soul Winner I share the * TRUTH * and God removes the veil from their eyes. The Lord sees the motive of my heart, full of kind, compassion, love and humility willing to do whatever it takes to bring more people to the other side. The sides where they can feel secure accepted and love. The side where they feel HOPE!!!

When I go out all I need to do is simply incline my ears toward God and His Holy Spirit will work by molding and equipping me with wisdom and boldness to be a soul winner. The Lord speaks to our hearts and by His Holy Word we will be able to have a great foundation as a believer and to prepare each of us for whatever He calls us to do.

I know that working as a TEAM with my brothers and sisters in Christ (Eric Jones, Ida Cohen and Jesse R) is causing a real impact for our community around Tampa. Witnessing a few weeks ago when we visited the Hispanic area, many persons accepted the Lord in their hearts; some were delivered from diseases and bondages, even others speaking in tongues. One of the cases that really touched my heart is regarding an eleven year old boy named Miguel, who now is even leading more kids by himself to the Lord after we prayed with him. Another case is the Security Guard of the building for disable a person, whom was sick, after I pray for him laying hands declaring victory; he accepted Jesus and also felt the fire of God.

When I visited the Nursing Homes there was an incredible peace inside myself. I spent time praying and telling them about Jesus. Reading scriptures regarding healing, then the joy of the Lord was shinning on their faces. They felt LOVED!!!

What have I accomplished as a Soul Winner?

There are not enough words to express the results of OBEDIENCE. Every week, every Saturday, a new group of adults, children and seniors from any of the areas we visit, receive the blessings of our GOD (miracles, healings, new jobs, etc.) Soul winning it’s like a RAINBOW that represents the following:

BLUE = represents the LOVE of GOD planted inside each of their hearts.
YELLOW= represents the HOPE for their future. JESUS!!! GREEN= represents the new door, the TRUTH.
PINK= represents the KINDNESS, MERCY & GRACE of our Jesus forgiving their sins.
RED= represents the JOY they feel, they can’t contain it.

S= Sinners accepting JESUS
O= Obedience toward God. Outstanding miracles, healings.
U= Unending mission as Christians.
L= Led always by the Holy Spirit.
S= Serving God by bringing more souls.

As a conclusion, in tears of joy, I will keep going every week inspired and led by the Holy Spirit reaching more souls!

Margarita J. Testimony

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The Sweet Presence of God and His Precious Anointing are flowing progressively with regards to my soul winning experiences. God is always ready to use me as long as I’m always ready to be used. The past 2 years have been a lot of joy and laughter for me.

In around February 2008 is when I began to latch on to the Great Awakening Tour and became involved with 6 different Florida Tours. Than in January of 2009 I traveled with the core GAT team to the West Coast for nearly 3 months, soul winning, and praying for the hurts and needs of the people was a large part of what I got to do also resulting in many healings and miracles for which I give God all of the Glory, Honor, and Praise. Many times I would notice as we were leaving the area we were soul winning at that day a special tangible Presence of The Lord’s peace would rest on the place.

In August of 2009 at 53 years of age I moved to Tampa and began attending The River Bible Institute on a Scholarship. At the start of the school year I was placed in the Outreach Department [soul winning] to do my scholarship work study hours, and I must say that there is no fame, or fortune that the world could offer that could compare with seeing God’s hand reach down and touch some one’s life and literally change and transform them, I have become much bolder and I can see the need greater than I have before.

This experience has transformed my life today and my future forever life can never be the same. I have been to 11 different cities with the Great Awakening Tour and there are so many testimonies of what the Lord has done, I have personally pray with more than 4000 people since being involved with the Great Awakening Tour and The River Bible Institute.

When I’m doing business I have opportunities to pray for sick and hurting folks and lead them to Jesus. So God is with me where ever I go, and I give Him all of the Glory, Honor, and Praise for the price he paid to set all of us free to love him and to serve him daily.

Lesley Noe R. Testimony

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I first became acquainted with soul winning on my first Great Awakening tour. Little did I know how this would impact my Life and others!!Taking the class “Soul Winning”, with one of the team members from the river church. We were taught how to use the script. This was in the evening. Our class was late… Then we hit the streets!! I looked at my watch and it was 9:30 pm. We headed to an outside mall. In the parking lot was a black biker gang, the team leader said going for it! We went over and started to talk with them. We started to say the script, and a few of them walked away in a circle fashion and came back to my surprise!

They all said the prayer!! Glory to God!! Well you know then I was off! We split up into groups of 2. Everyone I made eye contact with, I talked to. I was getting blown off by a few but it didn’t stop me. All I could see were “SOULS”… After being at the end of my first week, the Lord had used me to lead 300 people to the Lord!!! I flew home and shared with my church that Sunday, their mouths dropped in amazement! You would have thought I told them I had had lunch with the Pope. Well few months later the Lord told me to come to Florida and sit under Pastor Rodney’s ministry. I obeyed and came down. I plugged in rather quickly to the soul winning teams.

Then in May of that year I became a member of the church. I had been helping out on the bus ministry. Working with and in the outreach department. We had to go on the streets daily to get the bus commitments and this also was “GREAT FISHING” for SOULS… I was consumed with how the Lord was using me to impact these communities. Watching the Lord touch his people, right in front of me and being that conduit that he was using. I told them I was just the mail lady delivering the message! I learned that the love of God was beaming out of me! God’s children were drawn to me because of the Lords “Sweet Presence” in me. I cannot do enough to see Gods people come to the Lord. Soul winning is” MY PASSION”, not a program! Everywhere I go I listen to the Holy Spirit.

I look for the lost. I will go anywhere God calls me to preach his word and see the lost saved. I look for every opportunity to lead someone to the Lord. I tell Gods people what God has done in my Life and he wants to do that in yours. When you show them the Love of Jesus, they all want to be loved. Showing them that the devil is a liar. When you except Jesus as you Lord and savior, he comes to live inside of you, he has all the little brushes to clean you up! With Him you will go through the fire and will not smell like smoke!! All I think about all day and night is “SOULS”. Going out into the high ways and by ways to find the lost a lead the too JESUS!!!!! AMEN……..