Ministers Conference 2010 – Sonsearae J. Testimony

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I have always enjoyed when the ministers conference would come around on the school calendar, as a student at RBI, I am always egger to hear other ministers and just to be encouraged in ministry itself. This conference was all about no limits, no boundaries and I learn allot about that, mainly because I worked most of the conference in the ministry café. While working through the conference my limits were being pushed and it felt as though God was stretching me past what I thought I could handle. Every morning we would hear the no limits no boundaries theme song and though I would be in the back working,

I felt the Lord working in my heart pushing me and enlarging me and my territory. When I was able to sit in the services I would just sit in the presence to get recharged and to be encouraged. I am so blessed to be at a church that teaches us what it is to really work in the ministry, to work with excellence  and what it take to make the ministry run. The biggest thing I learned and got from the conference for myself was, once you think you can’t go any more keep going, and when you think you can’t take anymore allow the Lord to take it for you, I learned to completely lean on Him and give in to the work in He was doing in my heart and life.

In the ministry I feel like the Lord ministers to you most while you’re in the trails of ministry, you know while you’re working in the back and taking the phone calls, looking after the babies in the nursery, working in security, cleaning the bathrooms ext…, because in doing those things you are actually in the ministry and tapping in to the things of God and relying on him to sustain you.

That’s when I feel the change is happening, that’s when I feel like God is moving mountains in my life and in my character; it’s when I am in the trenches of it all. So though I didn’t get to sit in most of minister’s conference, the Lord really ministered to me and proved Himself faithful to sustain me, as he always does. So come on Winter Camp meeting I am ready for more change, more growth and more Jesus hallelujah!

Angel A. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

This past week I learned that with God there are truly no limits and no boundaries. About a year ago I moved back to Tampa from San Diego where I went to school my best friend at the time told me I could roommate with her for a year to help each other out at that time I was a back sliding Christian and living for the world. So I moved back to Tampa and everything was fine until with my living situation until I started living for the Lord. As I only had two more months to finish my one year agreement with her and two days into the conference I found out that my two children and I were not going to have anywhere to live in a couple of days.

That next night Pastor Rodney asked everyone to stand who was believing for a house, I was shocked and probably was the last person to stand and when I sat down the joy of the Lord hit me I was laughing so hard and couldn’t stop for at least forty minutes or more I really don’t know I had already been feeling peace about the situation but now I felt it more then ever. I believe it was the next night Pastor Eric had asked a man to tell his testimony about being homeless and living out of his van with his family while he was in school.

Then the next night Pastor Andre had asked us to write down what we believed God for and plant a seed toward it. I knew I needed to give an offering so as I sat there I prayed and told God that I didn’t have any money and the only thing I had to give Him was my heart again and just believed God for a roof over my kids head. The last day of the conference I hadn’t been feeling well and went to Lisa in the front and told her I was going to probably leave early and she called Pastor Jennifer to pray for me as she layed hands on me she asked that I get through my storm and asked for strength then her and Lisa gave me something to eat and I felt a lot better. So I continued to have faith, pray and stand on my word and sure enough someone blessed me with an apartment and I was supernaturally approved over the coarse of a couple of weeks God made a way for me there are truly no limits or no boundaries with God He just continues to show Himself to me more and more everyday Hallelujah