The River of Tampa bay

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The services here at The River of Tampa bay have been to put it in the right word phenomenal, Both Doctors Rodney and Adonica Howard Brown as well as Pastors Eric and Jenifer Gonyon have been imparting truth to all of us here and all who are watching around the globe by preaching Christ to them and not holding back on the truth one bit. It has been my experience in the meetings that the power of God is mightily present and flowing powerfully in these meetings and its only just begun, there will be a great awakening  in not only this land but I believe the hole world will be shaken greatly by this and all of us believers will be out there preaching the gospel and truth to all who don’t know or believe, These meetings are stirring up the believers in this land to have a hart for people a hart for souls, to tell you the truth I am having a hard time sighting still here and typing this message I want to go out and win souls! I encourage all to tune and not just listen with your ears but let your hart grab a hold of what’s being said and preached in these meetings, Tune in, grab hold , Go out, and proclaim. -Noble K.

“God, where are you?  Are you even there, God?  Have you deserted me?”  We’ve felt like that.

Tony A.Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

Ps Rodney since the first time we sang Holy, Holy, Holy it felt like someone needed to re-teach Christians that part of holiness is been separate from the world, for God’s purpose. For many years people would say to me God has given us the earth to enjoy. I would get invited to do things, but in my mind I would say – “to me it’s a sport but to you it’s your god, I’m not playing with your god.

Yesterday I kept getting the words “Come out from among them” 2 Corinth 6:17. In my country the harvesters are among them, and don’t realize they were saved for His Purpose. They say I’m been a witness but never witness.

Isaiah 49 verse 14, “But Zion said (and the word “Zion” is another name for Israel, Jerusalem) the Lord has forsaken me and the Lord has forgotten me”.