Jared J. Testimony

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Hi my name is Jared Johnson and it is my second week at R.B.I. I am being so blessed and truly touched by the Lord Jesus Christ. I have always been a shy person and being a part of this ministry and school is exactly what i need in my life. So far since I have been soul winning. I have led 6 people to the Lord and 5 were over the phone. I was working in the call center last night and got to stand in agreement with 6 people for their needs in prayer.4 of them accepted the Lord over the phone and the other 2 already had Jesus in their heart. The call center is a super powerful experience and the whole time I was on the phone I was filled with the fire of God.

Going in to the call canter I felt drained and worn out and the first person I talked to the fire of God was speaking through me and it just totally took the focus off myself and put it on the needs and the love that i am supposed to have for other people as a follower of Jesus Christ. The Lord has really put on my heart to reach out to the needs of others. I was filled with joy all night since i started in the call center. I am beginning to get the true revelation of what it truly means to Love God and to Love people and whenever I keep the focus on God and People it seems to be like I am operating in the perfect will of God in my life and everything falls right into place the way it should and I am filled with fire. It is the moment I take focus off of God and others that the enemy comes in for the kill on my soul. I am now more excited in my life then I have ever been before to out reach to people and see the doors of Gods plan unfold in my life and the lives of others.

I’m going out on the streets tomorrow after school and contributing to the population of the Kingdom of God which I believe will bring great fruit in this life for me and the lives of others and the life to come in an everlasting Kingdom with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I want to thank God for the connection of this ministry to come into my small town of Roscoe Illinois at the perfect time in my life and touch my heart in this end time harvest. I believe this is going to be not only a life changing experience for myself but also to my whole family and to the many others that will be effected through the fire of God through me overflowing into the lives of others and spreading and spreading and spreading throughout whatever  land I step foot in and whatever land the people that get touched step foot in. This is huge to me and I believe this is going to get bigger and bigger each and every day. I am so blessed to be a part of this world changing power of God. –Jared J.

Can you believe these people, thinking God has deserted them? Thinking God is not there.

Betty A. Testimony


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Hallelujah for the great awakening!  I have been so blessed in these meetings.  The fire of God is falling for the end time harvest.  What a blessing to go out and hit the streets for the gospel.  A holy boldness fills you and you have no difficulty approaching anyone!  Oh the joy that fills your heart when a sinner repents and receives Jesus!  This is a life changed forever.   I found myself stopping young men on bicycles in gang colors, saying “Hey Stop!  I have to ask you an important question.”  Then their eyes close as they pray the salvation prayer.

They receive joy but not more than I do because they did!  This is what our country needs to turn back to God.  I do believe God is not finished with America yet.  I encourage everybody to download the scripts from revival.com, and get out on the streets.  This is, after all, the great commission.   Jesus told us to go to all the nations and preach the gospel to every creature, and He is pouring out His Holy Spirit to empower us for this.  We cannot assume people do not want to hear it.  People are so hungry.

They are looking for meaning in their lives, and Jesus is the answer.  Praise the Lord for His timing.  Praise the Lord for bringing the Great Awakening again!   Now there is more than the historical great awakening.   I encourage anyone close enough to come to this event to do it.   Get under the power of the fire of God and go.  Fulfill the great commission and be changed in the process. There  is no greater joy than walking in His presence and bringing others to find him as well. – Betty A.

All eyes staring at me. “His father is a preacher and he can’t even say the Lord’s prayer”.

The Great Awakening services

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The Great Awakening services are off to a powerful start! You can sense the expectation in the air from the people as they come in right before the meetings. It reminds me of the camp meetings. Many people come forward each night for the altar call to surrender everything to God, letting go of those things that would hold them back from all that God has for them. I see more hunger in people than before.  I can see the passion in Pastors Rodney and Adonica and it looks like many people are already catching the vision and ready to run.  The phones hardly quit ringing with prayer calls.  I was on the phones tonight and had several calls from people in their 70’s and 80’s calling to receive the fire to go win souls.  They are asking for the script and are hungry and want to win their city for Jesus.  One lady of another denomination said she was tired of her dead church and she needed to come to a full gospel church. She wants to come here when her church isn’t having services and take the fire back to them. The anointing is so strong in the services, the people are getting hit with the joy.  I really look forward to coming to the meetings and have decided and purposed in my heart to make sure I get something every night I am here from these meetings. I used to have a lot of compassion, but the busyness of life seems to have taken some of it and now my compassion for people has already increased, just this week.  God is so amazing! –Sharon F.It was dripping off my nose onto my laminated prayer. Thank the Lord, it was laminated.