Davis T. Testimony

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This week during the Great Awakening services we have seen the Lord absolutely show up and show out! It is such a privilege to be a part of such a move of God. I was so taken back last night to hear the cry of desperation and hunger of each generation represented as we lifted our voices together at the end of last  night’s service; it was so exciting to be in the same room with so many hungry people. God is truly moving in our mist!

What I think is so amazing about The Great Awakening services and almost any service at the River for that matter, is that Pastor Rodney may be speaking something completely different from what the Lord is saying specifically to each individual. I loved last night when Pastor Rodney was encouraging us to just focus in on God and not on other people getting touched by God, because God had something for each and every one of us there that He wanted to speak to us if we would just have an ear to hear and get hungry for Him. He who hungers and thirst for righteousness shall be filled; what an amazing promise!

For me personally, last night was one of the best services I have ever experienced at the River. God did such a deep work in my heart, as I know in did in the hearts of many others also. The love, forgiveness, and mercy of God hit me so strong last night; I was crying and laughing to the point that I could hardly walk. I believe God gave me a glimpse last night of the never-ending love of God, and it was such a revelation! The bible says that it is His kindness that leads men to repentance, and that is what God was so ministering to me was that all the things I think He may be disappointed with in me isn’t His focus. His love is so completely all-consuming, and His mercy is new every morning! –Davis T.

I can already tell some of you who are super-spiritual are saying, “Come on. Can you believe the children of Israel doubting God’s loyalty?