Emily P. Testimony

It has been amazing to see what God is doing throughout the services in the Great Awakening Meetings here in Tampa, Fl. The power and presence of God has been so strong in the meetings! I have been involved in the production team throughout some of the meetings. The production team from CTN has come in and has given great advice to me as a director on how to improve the quality of our broadcast. They have been very gracious and a pleasure to learn from and work with. I have learned so much about TV broadcasting and how to run a professional TV studio and set.

It is exciting to help in making the broadcast available throughout the world! This broadcast is impacting so many lives! The people watching will call the phone number on the TV and get impacted with the fire of God.  The phones were ringing off the hook! Then the operators were praying the fire of God down. People were getting saved, set free, delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Some people just wanted to know more about soul winning.

With soul winning classes during the week, people are going out every day to win the lost at any cost. I personally have been challenged to be a witness to more people where ever I go and live a life style of soul winning. And this is only the beginning of what God wants to do! We will see America shaken! -Emily P

Well, the congregation began mumbling and some began to look up and I was turning fourteen shades of red, a cold sweat broke out that quick.

Marjike D. Testimony

The Lord is so good. We have been broadcasting live for a few weeks now and we are hearing tons of testimonies of how the Lord has moved not only in the church building but in people’s homes who are watching through CTN or RBN or on revival.com.  The thing I love most about hearing the testimonies and I love most about the Lord is the fact that the Lord is not a respecter of persons. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can get touched and changed by God.

If you search for Him you will find him, the Bible says that those who hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled, all you have to do is get hungry. There are so many testimonies of people calling in and their lives are dramatically changed through one phone call. People are searching for truth. People who are wanting to give up are being refreshed, people who are lost and searching for truth are getting saved. People are getting healed and delivered.

There is something so great about hearing these testimonies, this is what the Lord wants to do for His people. He wants to use us, for us to be His hands and feet, and as we go people are lead to Him. It is so exciting to know that we are doing what the Word of God tells us to do. Growing up I had always heard it preached that we should lay hands on the sick, and cast out devils, and share our faith but now seeing it put  into action is so much better. The Bible tells us to be doers and not just hears of the Word and when you are walking in the will of God and doing what He tells you there is nothing better than that. -Marjike D.

But before we have that particular reaction, let’s let the spotlight of truth shine on your life and my life because if we are brutally honest with ourselves, there have been times in our lives where we have accused God of not being there.

Hannah P. Testimony

Since the Great Awakening campaign has started, many people have impacted by the preaching of the Word of God and have been compelled to go out and witness. I, myself, have felt the urgency to witness. Often times, I do not feel like talking to someone about my faith. Not because I am scared, but rather, I am in a rush or feel that I would be inconveniencing that person. In reality, if that individual does not pray to receive Christ, he will spend an eternity in hell. All it would have cost that person is two minutes to pray with me. I would not be inconveniencing him, but saving him from going into a lost eternity. Sometimes, fear does creep in though, and try to sway me from opening my mouth and sharing the Gospel.

The Gospel is good news. I must tell others about how good God is and what He has done for me, other wise how can I say I love God and not want to talk about Him to others? If a husband says that he loves his wife but never talks about her or does anything special for her, does he truly love her? I think not. Love is a noun but also a verb, implying that action is needed. That is why I must share the Gospel regardless of how I feel. It is the Great Commission, not the Great Suggestion and it is my job to fulfill it.  –Hannah P.

Thinking God is not concerned about their well-being. I cannot believe that! I can’t believe that! I have a hard time with that!”