Brandon E. Testimony

I hadn’t won anyone to Christ since about 10 years ago, but in these past couple weeks I’ve won nine souls for the Kingdom of God, which has set me free of any insecurity or timidity in this area.  I actually look forward to go soul winning again.  I love spending time in the presence of God and in worship.  Coming to RBI, I am spending more time in His presence than I have in awhile, and it is amazing.  I feel more confident, unashamed of my Lord and Savior, and I am excited to be in a place where I can learn so much more about God than I have ever before.

The principle of sowing and reaping has been taught and emphasized so much, and I am grabbing a hold of it.  God is my source and provider, not my job.  I am trusting God to provide all that I need here, and therefore I am cheerfully giving more than I have ever before, sowing seed into good ground, and expecting an abundant harvest.  The last couple weeks have been painful to my flesh, yet at the same time my spirit is being refreshed and strengthened.  My eyes are being opened to a whole new dimension of the ministry and the daily walk of the Christian life.

Maybe when you lost your job or went through that divorce or illness or injury, a problem in a relationship.

Priscilla R. Testimony

For me the first two weeks of the RBI revival, I was in Texas planning not to attend my second

year of RBI. I had already signed up for another school there making other arrangements. So

coming into the second week of revival, I knew I was to come back. Like as if God shook me and woke me to come. two days before I knew I was to come my oldest brother gave me his car, which I had been expecting a car because God had me sow my car into someones life last year in school. So then I was blessed with gas money to get down here and me and my younger brother drove down here in faith not knowing how it would work out or where we would live and arrived to Tampa at the end of the second week. When we got here I felt the peace of God and have felt it ever since, because I obeyed the Holy Ghost.

The full week that I was here was when Pastor Rodney preached all week on the subject of giving, and some people were like ok it’s good but do we need a whole week of it. And yes we do because money is everything in this world, things are everything in this world, we are constantly surrounded by it and challenged by it daily. So daily we have to give it all to God for it not to be a god in our life. So it really hit me hard and I can say that I will never be the same from that week and especially the day where it broke on the whole school. So i can say that i will never be the same again on giving and the heart of my giving. I cant imagine myself not here this year and the breakthroughs that have happened and are still to come.

We’ve accused God of deserting us. We’ve accused God of being unsympathetic to us.

Nida G. Testimony

River School of Worship is huge blessing for me! To come to RSW was the best decision I have ever made in my life! Youth meetings, Worship times and classes are educative. Especially i learned so many things about to use of the gospel soul winning script.

I can feel God’s presence at the church every time I am there. God is really doing awesome things inside of me. He is preparing me for the ministry in Turkey.

Sunday night was my first time at the call center of River Church! I thought my English is not very well for this yet. But it’s not about me; it’s all about the Word of God. Just when you read to the Word of God, it really works!

It was awesome, people were so hungry and they had so many prayer request. 3 people healed on the phone! I experienced it here. I am so excited about what God will do in my life. The power of God is real…..Nida G.

Only a mother’s love, only the love of a mom, a love of devotion, a love of loyalty, could ever express words like that.


Mary K P. Testimony

Even though I’ve been saved since I was 5, and raised in a good Christian home I lived a very defeated life. God wasn’t real to me, I didn’t have or care about having a personal relationship with him. He always seemed so far away, so when I went through something hard he was usually the last one I turned to for help.

I had a terrible time sleeping because I was very fearful of things that sound ridiculous to me now. I thought I would be left behind when Jesus came back because God forgot about me. I was afraid of dying in my sleep. I would lay awake, tears rolling down my face because I was too scared to close my eyes but too tired to keep them open.

I also had problems physically, like sometimes my heart would skip a beat. I had migraine headaches, and trouble focusing my eyes in and out.

Plus, I’ve always been a very shy, timid person. Like I heard someone else say, I wouldn’t even order my own food at a restaurant because I didn’t want to talk to the waitress.

I’ve been a part of the River Church since February 2011 and since then God and His Word have become more real to me than ever before. I always knew in my head that his promises were for me but now it’s getting down into my heart. I’ve been pressing in like I didn’t even know was possible. RBI especially has helped me go deeper into the things of God. I wish everyone could come and experience this with me.

I now sleep SOUNDLY through the night, no fear at all. My heart has a light feeling and beats in time. I can’t remember the last time I had a migraine. I thought I would have to get glasses and I don’t. I proclaim the Gospel to total strangers, I’ve taken nearly 100 calls in the call center already, and I order my own lunch.

One of my favorite verses is Matthew 6:33 which says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Because that’s what I did, I went after God and one by one my problems left.

God is so amazingly good, just thinking about all this stuff that He’s done for me puts a smile on my face…..Mary K P.

I’ve left the entire Lord’s Prayer out and you tell me…but I really appreciate that”.