Keriann Testimony

After watching the Great Awaking last year, my mom heard about the scholarship give away

to come to RBI in August 2011-2012. I prayed and asked the Lord about it and I heard his voice saying I want you to go RBI.  I called the prayer line for an application. After a few weeks, on July 22, 2001, I got a message on my cell; I just wanted to congratulate you on your scholarship.

God has been so good! I had no ride to get back and forth to school.  I had been praying and trusting him and going to prayer on Tuesdays. On July 26, 2011 when we finished praying, my case manager said that she would take me three days a week starting August 22. My mom and she agreed. Several weeks went by. On September 26, God provided a stable ride to get to school.

Through the Great Awaking I learned how to come back to my first love and let him change my heart, grow in my faith and discover the purpose why God has me on earth.  He brought me from not knowing my purpose to showing what my purpose is.  Now he is using me in so many ways I could never imagine.

Daniel Testimony

Praise God forever more. It is an honor to share my testimony with the people because God is good and his mercy endures forever. I’m a second year student, I’m from Brazil. I like to say that God continues to do his work inside of me. I went through difficult times, I went through storms of life, but His mercy is sufficient. I began to dig deep into the word of God, I began to search for scriptures and pray, I asked God in the name of Jesus Christ for help.

And the Holy Spirit began to move against the enemy. The River Church at Tampa Bay; the staff, Pastors and teachers have made such an impact in my life. I can tell you right now that this ministry encouraged me to change. And there has been change since I got here. I’m on the fire, I’m a soul winner, I am a minister of the gospel on the streets because of this ministry. I am so glad to be here, I’m so glad and happy to be around this ministry. I thank Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and Adonica and all the Pastors from this church.

Jonathan Testimony

Over the past year as an intern here at the River Bible Institute, God has accomplished several things in and through my life. He has helped me to overcome some of my weaknesses and fears, He has helped me to be a better steward of the things He places in my hands, He has made me a better person, and He has given me a greater desire to reach the lost. As an intern, I was put in a position where I had to communicate with others in order to make it. If I did a poor job of communicating and if I did not do a good job at letting people know what I was doing and what needed to be done, there would be a lot of mistakes and shortcomings. The Lord has really helped me to open up more and share more with others about what I think and how I feel about things. Growing up, I was quiet and I kept to myself for the most part and I know part of it was pride.