Judy Testimony

When I came to Christ at 32 years of age I had no Bible background, had never owned a Bible or read one. Immediately I had an incredible hunger for The Word of God! I was amazed at what I was reading …a whole new world had opened up to me and I was seeing God totally different than what I had believed all my life.  I had had a totally distorted view of God….to me He was distant, angry, sadistic just waiting for me to make a mistake so He could punish me. As I read The Word of God I asked The Holy Spirit to help me to change the picture I had of God. I couldn’t even pray to The Father or say His Name.  As The Holy Spirit taught me and led me in reading The Word,  hearing The Word thru teaching and preaching of The Word, deep, deep healing began to take place in my heart. Walls came down and I experienced restoration in  my soul. My entire picture of God began to change.  I remember how shocked I was to read Psalm 103:8 “The LORD is MERCIFUL and GRACIOUS, SLOW TO ANGER and PLENTEOUS in MERCY”. The more the Word was sown in my heart the more I was free to receive The Father’s Love to love God and then love others! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!