Michael Testimony

These past two weeks of Internship have shed light onto the importance of working together as a body. One man can accomplish much on his own. But what it took to get there is an internally different story. Along the way many have left their mark in the foundation of that one man’s accomplishment.

Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:31, Luke 9:11-17, John 6:1-13. These scriptures are perfect examples of one man’s accomplishment, as well as many men coming together, lifting up the hands of one to accomplish His goal. Jesus feeding the 5,000+ was a remarkable feat, especially in that time period.

As the bread and fish were presented to Him, Jesus lifted it up to heaven, blessed it and shared His goal with His disciples. At first, it didn’t seem possible. At first it seemed crazy. But because they believed in Him and His goal, they set out to accomplish it. So, as they walked among the 5,000+, they distributed the bread and the fish. In the end, they had more than enough.

Just as the disciples worked to accomplish Jesus’ goal, we, the body Christ must do the same. A simple task has been sent before us. Go, and preach the gospel to every living creature. As Pastor Rodney and Adonica continue the goal to spread the gospel around America, we here at home are to lift up their hands, and be their voice in Tampa, FL.

From the outreach department, to the helps ministry here at The River, we are all doing our part as the body of Christ to see this goal accomplished. For another Great Awakening tour here in America, to see this great land come back to its first and only love; Jesus!


Rachel Testimony

During the week of Next Level 2012 Summer Camp my life was completely changed. As I poured out and helped others to grow in their relationship with God, I did not realize that the students were doing the same for me. I learned so much this week about being a leader and being lead by the Holy Ghost. I really felt like I finally stepped into the spiritual leadership ability God has for me. This week has changed my heart in so many ways. The love that I have for the students placed under me has grown immensely, causing my love for youth in general to increase. I had not even realized how much God had done in me this past week until I began to speak with people about camp. As I spoke about the students that I did our small group devotionals with each morning, and about each time I had the opportunity to lay hands on a student I began realizing just how great of a work God did in me. While I was talking about the week, vision for my future just began pouring out of my spirit. This week, I have stopped comparing myself to other leaders and I have learned that everyone is at a different level, it is just a matter of if they are willing to strive to reach the next level, and the next level…and so on. Each time in staff prayer that I prayed for our summer camp, I prayed that the students would “remember this week as the week that completely changed their life”. Little did I know, it would be the same for me.