Nicole Testimony

Someone recently said this statement: “It’s one thing to get touched, it’s another thing to be changed.” This one statement was like a smack in the face to me. It is so true!! You can get touched and touched and touched by the fire of God time and time again but if you never allow that fire to change you, you will never get anywhere! The fire of God is there to burn out the things inside of you that are unnecessary and then to refine you! There is always room for improvement because no one is perfect! So if you allow the presence of Jesus to touch you and then allow the fire to change you, you will begin to grow so much!! Sometimes people come to a service and get touched by the presence of God, and they may really need it, but then they will get back up and go to their seats the same way they walked in. That solves nothing. God is trying to show us different things while He is touching us and sometimes He himself is doing the work that we cannot do. Pastor Rodney always says that we are on the operating table when we are out under the power of God. I totally agree with that because God has done many a work in me while I have been getting touched by Him. Sometimes He is burning nations in my heart to where I can literally see the people’s faces in my mind; people from America and all over the world. We just have to get hungry to be changed by God and then ALLOW Him to do the changing necessary and listen to the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit when we have to make adjustments in our lives!       –Nicole