And suddenly it happened…

Just a year ago I was sitting in one of Rodney Howard-Browne’s meeting, and suddenly out of no where it happened.  I was just minding my own businness and listening to the words that were being spoken.  I began to feel my heart begin to pound harder and harder.  My hands became sweaty and my whole body began to shake. I felt like I was going to have to jump out of my chair.  The fire of God came upon me and I was not able to control myself.  Tears began to roll off my cheek as I began to hear myself laughing.  The next thing that I know, I was on the floor and a peace began to come over me.  I got up off the floor knowing that something had happened on the inside of me.

The touch I received that night in that Rodney Howard-Browne meeting brought a whole new meaning to my life…revival is not just for a church service, but that I could live in revival every day of my life.  One touch from God and your life will never be the same.

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The Truth about the ministry of Rodney Howard Browne

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